how to kill a turkey

It's a hell of a thing

to close up shop

alone in this weather,

knowing what we know now

about death, turkeys and bullets.


The man ahead of me is all

but obfuscated by rain that

is hard shooting into snow.


There is no shelter here on

this walk to the train. none.

Weeks until real snow falls,

and someone's blood will

mark the spot. 


Where is the relativist now,

where the mayflower’s last

plank, and Broadway’s trail

of tear’s long diagonal divide?


Learning the piano at age 4

a child is fully able to

distinguish between black

& white, the high and low. 


It was years before I was told:

The hippopotamus and walrus,

the narwhal and the mammoth

lost their sons to hunter’s sport,

now subjugated to my fingertips.


If you don’t swear to protect the

narwhal as you sit & feast today,

do not praise or pray at all.


And when the time comes to play

Silent Night, be silent first for years.

Remember mothers whose sons are

born to be lost.


And if after this, you have strength

and sound mind, give away all you

have, move into the poorest project

and after this, if words come, pray.