prayer of a struggling actor

God, thank you for this most amazing day,

for all the moments that lift me out of self-absorption,

for teachers, present, past and future,

the articulate ones, and the ones whose wisdom,

only now begins to reverberate my mind and body.


For those roles that might have been this year,

for Biff, for Brick, for Edmund Tryone, for Konstantin,

even for Nick, fleeing from Virginia Woolf, I thank you

for the chance to at least speak those words aloud;

--once or twice even-- in an audition room, with folks,

listening or not, ignoring/and or scribbling notes,

you oh Lord do not despise a child’s passionate preparation.


For friends who are more fortunate than me,

give me a joyful heart, not only in public,

when a jealous smile disguised as ‘Congratulations’

becomes toxic on the subway ride home.

But let me wish them well--every one--behind closed doors,

since the success of us few who do succeed,

is your reminder of Grace and Provision for all.


And should my last play have seen its day,

and stage and filmset lock its doors on me,

open my eyes to the world--home and abroad--,

and cast me in the role of ‘fellow traveler’,

stumbling after the rider in the distance,

those breakfast of fish, bread and coffee,

will be set before me-I am sure of this- at the manger,

or at the break of day on the shore of Galilee.