while Annie sleeps

if to listen and to learn,

to walk and stagger into being,

and wrestle a friend into the ground.

to hold and burp a baby,

and clean a diaper rash,

to wake up angry and foresworn

and watch someone rise.


to miss a country and a half,

to eat beyond one's pleasure

and turn one's self in to Love's

wild gaze beyond the hills.

to struggle with words, not

see eye to eye, to let them go,

or only use the simple ones

such as: bread, you, and more.

to find another word for

longing, Sehnsucht, jazz

to admit this helpless

need for others and their

games and roaring cheer.

to watch a baby sleep

and know that death is

just around the corner.

to be a fool, a fool, a fool

and yet to write with

courage and a laugh.


to thank God for whiskey

and for pain, for struggle

and for the sound of rain

that plays for 45 minutes

as she falls asleep between

us two. who knew?