for friends in pain and sorrow.

we traveled together last night,

into the valley of dread and grey,

woke up depleted and desperate.

a voice gently clenching...,

saying times was up, always has been,

time to face it, and crawl away.


there is a psalm, the 62nd, in a book

lying around my house, which

i sometimes open. it helped.

now, what else is there...


job-posting: need caretaker,

one that takes the cares,

and dreams, and restless nights,

and helps me steward them

towards a grain of something



if i waste more minutes,

confused and lost...


perhaps it's good to live here

a while longer, there are co-horts

that never leave this place.

and perhaps we can write a song

in the minor key, but a song

nonetheless. perhaps even those

further down the valley will hear,

and have the courage to hum along.