“Mr. Domig's yearning for emotional connection is truly poignant.” –New York Times

"Intense, personable...well performed"—The London Times

"Stunningly realized in Christopher John Domig's performance." Backstage, Critic's Pick

"Riveting Christopher John Domig" —Time Out, Critic's Pick

"See this show! Christopher John Domig is captivating, highly skilled, and utterly heartbreaking" —NY

"An exciting new actor who stands out from all the rest. Go see and discover Mr. Christopher Domig. It's a dazzling performance." Talk Entertainment

"A brilliant performance from Domig" —Downtown Express

"Christopher Domig gives a stellar performance" —Off-Off-Online

"A startling young actor whose name is Christopher Domig, will not remain unknown for long. Watching Domig brings to mind a young Dustin Hoffman or Al Pacino when they were just starting off Broadway."Theater Life

"Christopher Domig is one of the finest actors we've seen lately. Watch for big things from him in the future." Off-Off-Online

"Aptly played by Christopher Domig, who captures the subtle nuances of his dejected character"—Show Business

"A powerful, mesmerizing and thoroughly enthralling performance by Christopher Domig" Talk Entertainment

"The fire and vigor in this young actor's eyes keeps us peeled to his thoughts."—Theater Life

"Christopher John Domig, the Austrian-American actor, delivers an excellent portrayal of an endearing and at times volatile engaging and haunting play." —Edinburgh Festival Magazine

"An awesome performance from an actor with incredible natural charm and a precise grasp of his art. Christopher Domig fully delivers the weighty pathos he is charged with." —Festmag

"Deeply moving, intelligent and thought-provoking, nobody should miss this brilliant production. A truly eye-opening experience" -Three Weeks